Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Big Wheels keep on turnin!

Too much fun! Me and my big bro John on the converted big wheel. Look at that blonde hair! Look closely at my pants and Johns socks. The swinging 70ies! :O)

Hellow austin Powers! :O)

There is so much I love about this picture it takes me back in time! My mom likes Austin Powers and in this picture she is Austin powers! Check it out! And Look how skinny! she has always had a great figure! Tall, long legs, beautiful dark brown hair, my mommy was a hottie! She told me that was the style for that era! :O) Love it! Love ya mom!

A favorite pic!

My mom sent me some pics I picked out a few years ago from their huge slide collection. Just part of a bigger picture, but here is me. I am 3 or 4 and until you zoom in you can't really see why I am holding up my fist, but I got yer nose! hee hee! In this picture from left to right Carey,John,Mom,Dad holding Boyd down in front me, Cheryl & David.

Something I didn't mention

I also chose Shea because I love Fairies and because my maiden name was Fairey. :O)

The meanings of names...

I was looking over my feedjit and saw that someone was searching for the meaning of Shealeah and that made me want to make this post, just for fun. So here are the meanings of the names in my family according to the name books I have. :O) I also included how I came up with my kids names, who they are named after just in case you wanted to know :O)

David=(Hebrew)beloved. His middle name Michael(Hebrew) who is like god?(both books have the ? at the end.) I know his mom told me how she chose the names I forgot how she chose David but Michael is after his father.

Sharon= Me :O) named after my aunt Sharon meaning(Hebrew) a plain. In the other book it is desert plain :O( , a form of Sarah (from Sharai). Sarah(Hebrew) Princess ( I like this one) :O) Sharai (Hebrew) also means princess :O) My middle name Barbara(Latin) stranger,foreigner. after my mom. :O)

Devin=(Irish Gaelic)"poet." I wanted to name him a D name kinda after his dad without becoming a Jr. if you know what I mean. I almost got stuck on D names and my daughter was really close to being a Dana or Deanna :O) His middle name Jennings after his grandpa, is a tuff one more often a last name, a form of Jenkin(Flemish) little John. So I thought if it means little John then the meaning for John would be it, I don't know if that is correct but that is what I am going with, John(Hebrew) God is gracious.

Kristiana= A form of Christina spelt with a K for her aunt Kristina, I changed the ending up so her name wasn't exactly the same. Her name is kinda a two part name, Kristina form of Christine(Greek) "christian; anointed."-Ana form of Ann that is a English form of Hannah(Hebrew) "graceful." Her middle name is Leigh same as her aunt Cheryl. Leigh(old English)"from the meadow." a form of Leah; Lee.

Shealeah=This name is a two part name also and really not named for anyone but the Sh is for me :O) Shea(Irish Gaelic)"from the fairy fort." in one book and the other book (Irish) fairy palace. Leah(Hebrew)weary. or Lia(Greek)bringer of good news.(I like this one) or Lea(Hawaiian)mythology: the goddess of canoe makers.Also She does have a great aunt named Leah :O) Her middle name Elaine is her grandmas middle name meaning,(French) a form of Helen(Greek) light.

So I hope this was informative for anyone wondering what our names mean, I have two name books 55,000+ Baby Names by Bruce Lansky, & The Best Baby Name Book in the whole wide world (ok but that is the name :O) also by Bruce Lansky ( I didn't know they were by the same person until just now how funny!) So if you need me to look up a name meaning for you just let me know! TTYL

Saturday, September 20, 2008

He is a Warlock!

I think I have mentioned before, that I think my husband may be a warlock or have some power over the weather, cuz every time I mention I want to do yard work and he gets to help me the weather totally turns bad! Rain, Wind, Thunder and Lightning The Works! I get it all! This morning after he takes my son to bowling he is supposed to work in the yard with me. Guess what we woke up to? Rain and wind! Well we might not be able to work in the yard right now but I am hoping maybe later in the day, keeping my fingers crossed! If not I will make him pay, Big time! He will help me inside the house and I will take some cash and go shopping! That will get him! Then maybe he will not make bad weather when I wanna work in the yard! I will let you know how my plan works! Till later! :O) or to be continued...

Friday, September 19, 2008

She makes blondes look smart!

Last night Krissy was fuming! She couldn't get her TV remote to work or was it her TV?! She was stomping around looking for the other remote control and batteries, cuz she couldn't figure out why her TV wasn't turning on when she pressed the buttons. We were figuring it was like a pregnant hormone thing. When she came out a few minutes later to tell us her TV was not even plugged in! Devin and I looked at each other after a pause we busted out laughing! We were rolling! Krissy had her door shut but she heard us laughing And yelled at us through the door,"Shut up you guys!" we laughed harder! I can't believe how blonde she is sometimes! I would never have admitted that it was not plugged in, I would have acted as if it was the remote and I somehow got it working again! I guess we can always keep her around for a good laugh! We Love Ya Krissy keep the funny coming! Hee Hee! TTYL :O)

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

I am going to be a grandma @ age 37!

So I didn't make the phone calls I should have, I am a coward! The way I found out wasn't so great, ask me about it I will tell ya. I just hate giving news that to some may seam like bad news, It isn't all bad, it is a timing thing, if my daughter was married, if I was 40 something and my daughter was 18 or 20 something would make it better, but it is what it is! So Krissy is going to be a momma at 16, she is having a girl, she is due January 30th. Woo! OK! I did it, I wish alot of things as usual like a healthy baby, and a happy future for my daughter cuz life isn't over it is just beginning! Even if she has made some bad choices doesn't mean she can't start making some good ones, isn't that what life is all about? Learning as we go along! So we will have alot of changes coming our way so I will keep you all updated on all that. Till then! Keep smiling cuzimamom & I Love it! gotta keep telling myself some days! :O) ttyl

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Did I mention?

My beautiful daughter is Sixteen today! Happy Sweet Sixteen Krissy! She was born In Vernal Utah by C-section at 10:08 pm 8lbs I think 9 ounces and 21.5 inches long! She had beautiful white/blonde peach fuzz all over her round head! She didn't want to come out tho cuz I was two weeks over due and they had induced me all day to try and get her to come out the normal way! She is still stubborn today! But we love her TONS!!

I remember my sixteenth birthday so long ago! hee hee! It was sad and sweet! Not one person said a word to me before I went to school! I felt sad and they did it on purpose! Near the end of the day, a day not one person had said a word to me about happy birthday, I was called to the office where I was surprised to get a huge beautiful sweet sixteen balloon bouquet! I was happy and sad at the same time because I felt bad about the harsh feelings I was having for everyone who I felt had forgotten and because I was a teenager who sometimes enjoyed wallowing in my self pitty! :O) Probably a hormonal thing! Anyhow as I walked around school with this huge balloon bouquet people were wishing me happy birthday and sweet sixteen and I was lovin every minute of it! At home my mom was sick and I felt bad because she was sick and I wished I could take her sickness away not just for the day because it was my birthday but for every day! I still wish that! But she had planned to make me a cake I really Loved, it was all chocolate a layer cake with thick frozen chocolate moose in between,YUMMY! But because my mommy was sick my older brother John ended up making it, He made a good effort, but the moose didn't get set up enough so when we sliced into it it oozed out! We ate it anyways! It was still yummy chocolaty goodness! Thanks John for the great cake if I never got to thank you before, sometimes we forget to say those very important little things! and that is the story of my sixteenth birthday nothing like sixteen candles but you know we all cant get the cute guy with the awesome ride that's rich etc etc! Hope you enjoyed my little story! TTYL LOVe Ya All! Love ya Kristiana Happy Sweet Sixteen!

About to pull All my Hair Out!

I want to scream sometimes! Some people are negative negative negative! They never have anything nice to say and I hate being around them, I am to the point where I am gonna be unlike myself and say something rude! I don't want to be like that and I feel like their negativity brings me down and it is contagious, and I Hate Hate Hate that! These are the people who share their opinions always and some of their opinions are so contradictory to my own. I feel everyone has a right to their opinion but that does not mean they can force it on you! When it is family it is even harder because you want to be around family, but when they make it hard like this I get to that point where I will have to say enough! Who made the rule that in-laws had to rub you the wrong way? I have a tuff issue that I have enough of a hard time working out on my own I don't need their crap bogging me down too! Why can't they co-operate! Why why why! Aarrrggghhh! I am ranting! Not Raging Yet! But close! I know not everyone has these kind of troubles but if you are familiar with my issue and have some advice share with me please before I loose my flippin mind! I feel alittle better now that I have shared with you all, I hope my next blog is on a happy note! I think I need to go scrap out my frustration! :O) Still smiling Cuz I am a MOM! & I Love It! TTYL

Monday, September 8, 2008


I have not been blogging like I should, but I have been busy with school starting up, birthdays all in a row etc etc the life of a mom! :O) so I will try to do better but right now I gotta run! sorry ttyl Love ya all!