Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Did I mention?

My beautiful daughter is Sixteen today! Happy Sweet Sixteen Krissy! She was born In Vernal Utah by C-section at 10:08 pm 8lbs I think 9 ounces and 21.5 inches long! She had beautiful white/blonde peach fuzz all over her round head! She didn't want to come out tho cuz I was two weeks over due and they had induced me all day to try and get her to come out the normal way! She is still stubborn today! But we love her TONS!!

I remember my sixteenth birthday so long ago! hee hee! It was sad and sweet! Not one person said a word to me before I went to school! I felt sad and they did it on purpose! Near the end of the day, a day not one person had said a word to me about happy birthday, I was called to the office where I was surprised to get a huge beautiful sweet sixteen balloon bouquet! I was happy and sad at the same time because I felt bad about the harsh feelings I was having for everyone who I felt had forgotten and because I was a teenager who sometimes enjoyed wallowing in my self pitty! :O) Probably a hormonal thing! Anyhow as I walked around school with this huge balloon bouquet people were wishing me happy birthday and sweet sixteen and I was lovin every minute of it! At home my mom was sick and I felt bad because she was sick and I wished I could take her sickness away not just for the day because it was my birthday but for every day! I still wish that! But she had planned to make me a cake I really Loved, it was all chocolate a layer cake with thick frozen chocolate moose in between,YUMMY! But because my mommy was sick my older brother John ended up making it, He made a good effort, but the moose didn't get set up enough so when we sliced into it it oozed out! We ate it anyways! It was still yummy chocolaty goodness! Thanks John for the great cake if I never got to thank you before, sometimes we forget to say those very important little things! and that is the story of my sixteenth birthday nothing like sixteen candles but you know we all cant get the cute guy with the awesome ride that's rich etc etc! Hope you enjoyed my little story! TTYL LOVe Ya All! Love ya Kristiana Happy Sweet Sixteen!

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Barnes Family said...

I can't believe that Krissy is 16! That makes me feel old...
It really made me feel old when Tiffany got married and now has a baby... Sheesh!!
Cute post!!