Friday, January 22, 2010

Searching for Free SVG downloads

I have been searching the net for Free SVG downloads to use with my Sure Cuts A Lot & My Cricut Expression personal cutting machine. & I think I will share what I have found. I hope that I do it right & in a way that is useful to anyone looking for SVG's. Let me know if I missed any good places or if I have done something wrong I appreciate comments & input Really! :o) My Favorite so far They have svg's that you can buy & free svg's on their blog I think daily! Great free stuff & tutorials this site lead me to Sure Cuts A Lot in the first place Thank YOU! This site has some really great leads to different blogs etc with Free SVG's Some of the following may be found through the previous link but to help you out I will just list them here. & you may notice that I follow the ones that are blogs :o) The following has about 23 links to some I have already listed & some I may not have This next one I have really enjoyed reading some of the posts are really funny! The blog is called Expression Junkie I am not sure if this following site as anything free but I liked looking around on it The next one has some free & some you can buy as many of the others do as well & the last one on my list for today is I hope these are helpful I hope to find many more let me know if I missed a good one! & I also wanted to mention that the SVG's that are for sale I feel are very reasonably priced :o) TTYL

Monday, January 11, 2010

Our Lil Diva/Showgirl

Soon to be 1 Elaina So Cute!

New Year Update 2010

Well I have been really bad about blogging lately, I have all kinds of excuses, but I am really gonna try harder this year!
So Elaina my grand baby will be 1 on the 19Th the day after I turn 38, shh I wanted to stop counting @ 35! LOL I can't believe how time flies ex specially when you want it to slow down!
Some of you know that last fall I was diagnosed with a hyperthyroid. I knew very little about this condition until I needed to know about it. How we got to that point was I had suddenly started feeling weakness and trembling in my legs mostly. Drastic temperature changes like hot flashes and more perspiration than I had ever had along with my heart doing heavy irregular beats and sometimes very rapid under very little exertion. So I went to see the doctor and they did blood test that showed that my thyroid is producing to much thyroid hormone I think it is called thyroxin but I may be wrong. So for the past few months they have had me on a pill to block that hormone and another one that is a Betta blocker I think to protect my heart but I may have misunderstood so don't quote me. The first med they had me on to block the hormone after a few weeks made me itchy all over so we switched meds and so far good. I feel so much better, but the next step may be a bit scary they want to do a biopsy of nodules on my thyroid. How they do it is by inserting a needle into my neck into the nodule. I am a little stressed about it and I don't know if I am awake during this or not! :o( After they get my thyroid normalized and after the biopsy for what I am still not sure, they will tell me if I have to have my thyroid out and if I do I will be on thyroid hormone replacement meds forever! They did say that the way it is headed it would eventually burn out on its own but I would feel really bad during and after because even tho it is a small gland in your neck it is a very important one. I hope that my sharing of what I know fills in the blanks for my loving family and anyone else who may be going through this same thing. I hope I got my facts right 2! :o) Just to let you know the meds my docs got me on the first one was Methimazole 10mg that's the one that made me itchy so they switched me to Propylthiouracil (I know mouthful!) & the Betta blocker for my heart Propranolol.
So enough about me Devin has had braces on for 1.5 years so far and he may be getting them off this month! Very Exciting! Dave is working like a nut as always & bowling the same way! I will update that more later & maybe post a video. Krissy & Elaina are doing very good & Krissy is dating a guy we like TONS! & I am sure I will be updating that more later also! & Shealeah our youngest is 3 chats our ears off sometimes we know what she means and sometimes we look at each other to see if they understood were we did not she has her own language we think sometimes! LOL I hope that's a good update sorry it is almost a novel! I hope everyone is haveing a great year so far! Here comes Tax season! JOY!! LOL Love you all TTYL