Tuesday, September 16, 2008

I am going to be a grandma @ age 37!

So I didn't make the phone calls I should have, I am a coward! The way I found out wasn't so great, ask me about it I will tell ya. I just hate giving news that to some may seam like bad news, It isn't all bad, it is a timing thing, if my daughter was married, if I was 40 something and my daughter was 18 or 20 something would make it better, but it is what it is! So Krissy is going to be a momma at 16, she is having a girl, she is due January 30th. Woo! OK! I did it, I wish alot of things as usual like a healthy baby, and a happy future for my daughter cuz life isn't over it is just beginning! Even if she has made some bad choices doesn't mean she can't start making some good ones, isn't that what life is all about? Learning as we go along! So we will have alot of changes coming our way so I will keep you all updated on all that. Till then! Keep smiling cuzimamom & I Love it! gotta keep telling myself some days! :O) ttyl


Mizz Man'e said...

I love you all very much Krissy is a lucky girl, and she will have a lucky baby

Barnes Family said...

Hey sis.. We already knew. I tried calling you one day but nobody picked up. I hope that everything goes well. We're here for ya..
Love ya!