Tuesday, September 9, 2008

About to pull All my Hair Out!

I want to scream sometimes! Some people are negative negative negative! They never have anything nice to say and I hate being around them, I am to the point where I am gonna be unlike myself and say something rude! I don't want to be like that and I feel like their negativity brings me down and it is contagious, and I Hate Hate Hate that! These are the people who share their opinions always and some of their opinions are so contradictory to my own. I feel everyone has a right to their opinion but that does not mean they can force it on you! When it is family it is even harder because you want to be around family, but when they make it hard like this I get to that point where I will have to say enough! Who made the rule that in-laws had to rub you the wrong way? I have a tuff issue that I have enough of a hard time working out on my own I don't need their crap bogging me down too! Why can't they co-operate! Why why why! Aarrrggghhh! I am ranting! Not Raging Yet! But close! I know not everyone has these kind of troubles but if you are familiar with my issue and have some advice share with me please before I loose my flippin mind! I feel alittle better now that I have shared with you all, I hope my next blog is on a happy note! I think I need to go scrap out my frustration! :O) Still smiling Cuz I am a MOM! & I Love It! TTYL


bethysmiles said...

splain...I don't get it. I hope that things are going better, you're a sexzy biznitch one way or another Sharon, skinny or pleasingly plumppy...plumppy is alot easier to have...cuz you know, all the hard work and shit that goes into trying to be skinny just isn't worth it sometimes. LOL...that's a lie...LOL! It's just easier to be plumppy! hehe WHERE'S THE CHOCOLATE..GIMMIE CHOCOLATE...YUMM NUMM NUMM NUMM! tee hee...LOVE YA

Sharon writes for the Giffords blog said...

thanks Bethy you always make me smile! I need to call you soon so we can talk cuz I need family now more than ever! Love ya!