Friday, September 19, 2008

She makes blondes look smart!

Last night Krissy was fuming! She couldn't get her TV remote to work or was it her TV?! She was stomping around looking for the other remote control and batteries, cuz she couldn't figure out why her TV wasn't turning on when she pressed the buttons. We were figuring it was like a pregnant hormone thing. When she came out a few minutes later to tell us her TV was not even plugged in! Devin and I looked at each other after a pause we busted out laughing! We were rolling! Krissy had her door shut but she heard us laughing And yelled at us through the door,"Shut up you guys!" we laughed harder! I can't believe how blonde she is sometimes! I would never have admitted that it was not plugged in, I would have acted as if it was the remote and I somehow got it working again! I guess we can always keep her around for a good laugh! We Love Ya Krissy keep the funny coming! Hee Hee! TTYL :O)

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Mizz Man'e said...

....and this is why we love her