Monday, April 27, 2009


So I know that I am starting to sound a little obsessed I wanted to let you know, Heather and Bethy, That I have completed reading the Twilight saga and I actually have read books 2,3, & 4 twice! I wasn't sure if I told you that yet and I also read what Stephenie put up on her website for Midnight Sun It was so great, I love Edwards point of view! I hope she does the whole story in his pov I don't think I am the only one who feels this way Krissy would love it too! Here's to hoping! Please Please!The whole story all books, just to clarify that! I LOVE Twilight!! TTYL :O)

Leave me a note!

I am not blogging as much as I should. I have been thinking about not blogging anymore but I will keep blogging for my sister cuz I know she comes and reads my sometimes weird stuff. She is the only one who leaves me a note. But I might go Private so if you want to continue reading my stuff and you don't let me know you wont be able to read it anymore. So leave me a note! I need the morale boost! :O) TTYL I hope!


Sometimes you witness it ,sometimes you receive it, sometimes you just hear about it, but we know it exists! I just wish that it was an all day long, everyday kind of thing for everyone! Can you imagine what the world would be like if it was? I could! It would be Heaven on Earth! I really want to be the kind to be kind! That sounds funny but you know what I mean! I think about this all the time and now it is time to start behaving this way, resisting that urge to snap and lash out at anyone who intentionally or unintentionally offends me. That's my thought on this subject just thought I would share my thought, maybe we could get it to spread! :O)

Friday, April 24, 2009


I have always been mystified by dreams. Mine of course, and when I hear about other peoples, when they share theirs with me, I am just as mystified! My hubby had a weird and I think funny dream, not to long ago. I will tell you now I think it came from that Little place we have inside of us, that little place were our insecurities hide! So his dream was pretty much me leaving him for another man or just leaving him. I am not completely sure on that detail, but anyhow, in his dream I was at this mans house and he went to get me back. The part I think is funny is that it was his Uncles house, that is funny to me and it is really weird! Your mind just pulls all kinds of weird stuff outta no where, you know what I mean! Dreams are really amazing they can wake you up heart pounding and you don't always remember what it was you were dreaming of! Twilight came from a dream and I am so glad Stephenie Meyers remembered it! I have wondered if she was pregnant at the time cuz I had some very amazing vivid dreams when I was pregnant! Something else funny I had a bit of deja vu when I saw Twilight and again when I read the book, that was weird! I feel sometimes like a familiarity with Stephenie, like I understand exactly what she means, weird I know! Another weird thing is sometimes I feel like I have premonitions. It is another story I will have to tell you sometime, the one I remember the most is the one I had September 10th I will never forget that restless night! I am just blogging to blog I guess! Silly me ! TTYL :O)

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Some people Amaze me

Some People Amaze the Hell outta me! So we went to a Tri cities Fever game tonight, that's our AF2 Team the Fever. AF= Arena Football. They are not doing so good this year but that's another story. So we are at the game in our usual seats and the seats in front of us our empty so a friend of ours stops by to visit at the beginning of the game and of course he will move if the seat owners come and they do it shouldn't be a big deal but the woman gets all huffy about it. So our friend returns to his seat after she was rude and she never gets over it. We go to these games to have fun watch our team hopefully win it is always a loud riot! We love it but this woman is not having fun so I guess she wants to make sure no one is having fun. She turns around to my teenage son and tell him to knock it off and he is being really annoying, What?! We are at a football game it is loud and I am sure we are not being as annoying as some beer drinking idiots I have seen! She goes on to say he has been annoying the whole game! So I tell her we are at a game and we are having fun rooting for our team and That we can do that cuz that's what goes on at football games! This grumpy hag keeps at it then she calls us trashy people my son says did she just call you trashy and I say not to her to him and I am sure this is not the best rip but I say no she called herself trashy cuz it came outta her mouth! she turns to say something more to my son and my husband tells her stop talking to my son and he was mad but he did not call her any names like this immature cow was. She tell him why don't you go get another beer and That's when I lost It and Yelled as loud as I could so she knew I wasn't just gonna sit back and shut up cuz she told us to, I said He doesn't drink beer! why don't you just turn around and leave us alone! Then I said to Dave I hope she isn't a season ticket holder because I can't stand to sit behind someone who thinks they can boss the world around! Then she heard me cuz she had nothing better to do but listen to other peoples conversations and she told me that she was as season ticket holder. Man! Sucks for her cuz we are not shuttin up! No Mam! We got plans she gonna love my father in-law cuz he can be really rude ex specially when someone is attacking his family! I just had to vent this all out! Tell me what you think was I trashy? I am gonna get a T-shirt that says trashy and proud of it! TTYL

Thursday, April 9, 2009


Twilight withdrawals! :O) I need more! I guess I will just have to read them again! :O)

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Can Hardly Wait!

I have read all 4 Twilight books now, Loved them! I had a feeling about Stephenie so I went and read her Bio on her web site. I was so excited when I read that my suspicion was right! I really like her and she is about my age. I feel like we have a few things in common, I would love to meet her! I also wanted to mention she got my disinterested daughter reading and I Love that!(getting a little teary) Thank you Stephenie for writing Twilight! I can hardly wait to read something new! I also wanted to say I have started listening to Muse I like them too. :O)

Wednesday, April 1, 2009


So now I know what all the hype was about I have seen the movie read the first book and am now in the middle of the second book! I love it and I am so excited to see the next movie coming out in November! Please oh please let them do a good job on this one too! Another Twilight Fan! TTYL