Tuesday, September 23, 2008

A favorite pic!

My mom sent me some pics I picked out a few years ago from their huge slide collection. Just part of a bigger picture, but here is me. I am 3 or 4 and until you zoom in you can't really see why I am holding up my fist, but I got yer nose! hee hee! In this picture from left to right Carey,John,Mom,Dad holding Boyd down in front me, Cheryl & David.


Cheryl Augustus said...

hey sharon the picture is flipped.. you maybe don't remember the house layout as well as I would... I love all the pictures you have on here. Love ya

Sharon writes for the Giffords blog said...

Thanks Cheryl I do remember thats the way mom sent it to me! :O)

bethysmiles said...

OH...this is so awesome, these pics are making me cry, I miss my family...UGH...tee he. Love You