Thursday, July 31, 2008

I Got the blues today

I think most days I do pretty well but today I feel kinda sad. Not sure why I try to keep busy cuz you know what they say about an idle mind... Just sometimes everything that has been bothering me crushes in on me all at once! And I think cuz I am here so far away from everyone I know, my family and my friends I feel alone, and that is really absurd cuz I am not alone I have my husband and my kids, but sometimes you need someone else to talk to. Do you ever feel that way? Maybe one reason I am sad is because my side of the family is having a family reunion and I can't go. It doesn't look like I will be able to visit this year and I really had hoped to be able to. It worries me because my parents are both getting older and I haven't seen them for several years! I know I will work out the feelings I am having today but I wanted to write some down, like my sis Heather says kinda a journal but it is very public but I am not going to let that bother me cuz I got enough bothering me already! I am gonna run and try to find something to do to make me feel better, like scrapbooking! :O) Love ya all Love Sharon

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Dieting :O)

Some of you know what I am talking about when I say it is really work to diet! When I was young I really didn't need to work hard to be healthy or maintain a weight that suited my 5'4" frame. Now it is a entirely different story! When I got pregnant with my first son I was around 125 lbs. I didn't watch what I ate and I gained at least 5o lbs. Then when my son was only 3 months old I found out I was pregnant again, with my daughter. They are very close together and I didn't really have any time to loose any weight. While pregnant with her I gained another 40 lbs at least. Right after I had her I got a birth control called Norplant, it is five silicone tubes full of some sort of birth control hormone that they insert in your arm right under the skin, it is supposed to last for 5 years and you can have it removed or leave it in. I chose to leave it in because at that time it was to expensive to remove. I know that I hated it and I had heard different things about it of course I heard all the bad things about it after it was in my arm. One of the things I heard was that sometimes it makes it harder to loose weight. I am not blaming the Norplant just saying it might have contributed to my difficulty in loosing weight. But back to what I was telling you. I was now 60 lbs or better heavier than I should be! So years went by and whatever I did I really couldn't make much of a dent in my weight. In 2005 i finally had the Norplant removed. Remember that the thing was only supposed to work for 5 years well that was the only birth control I was ever on and I didn't get pregnant so I figured something must be wrong with me just couldn't get myself to the doctor just then. I was just happy to have the thing out and the company paid for it to be removed so it was a good deal for me. I think they still do that if you are like me go to their website! Sorry i am rambling but I want to explain to you. So I started doing my diet thing I did pills and other diet type stuff and I was starting to loose some weight not allot but some. And then I found out I was pregnant! I was overjoyed I thought for so long I wouldn't have anymore children, so now I have 3! Two teenagers and a toddler! Let me tell you it is fun! But with her came more weight! So now I need to loose the weight I had lost and more, kinda depressing, but I am determined! Not just for how I look but for my health, I want to be here still when my youngest is a teenager and longer hopefully! So if any of you have pointers for me let me hear them! I was on the soup diet before and lost more than 10 lbs in seven days! So I am gonna try that one again because it made me feel great and it will cleanse my system. Hope you don't mind my Sharing this with you cuz you know me I just gotta! Love ya all! Love Sharon :O)

Saturday, July 26, 2008

Our camping trip

How beautiful and relaxing it was! We did not want to come home cuz it came to soon! There are a few things about being home that are nice, free warm showers, private clean toilets, comfy bed that doesn't go flat but other than that I would want to stay forever so I guess it is good for those things or I would never want to come home!

We camped at Ike Kinswa Washington state park. Near Mt. Rainier and Mt.St. Helens. We were there for 5 FUN days! We went out on the lake in the boat and fished and rode on the tube! That water was 64 degrees! Brrrrrrr! We had campfire going almost the whole time! I Love the campfire! We had smores of course! There were so many pretty wildflowers trees and green ferns. The air was so clear and fresh we could see so many stars at night!

We took a little drive to go see Mt.St. Helens but there was a rock slide on the road on the way up so we could only look from a distance. Bummer! But it was so much fun that was only a small part. It does get pretty chilly there at night glad I brought my jacket and warm blankets!

Shealeah Loved it we worried at first that she would be fussy and hate it but she did really really well! We want to do this every year! And it only takes us 4 hours to get there! I had to share this with you hope you all like it! love ya

Camping trip Pics

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Summer fun!

So we went and got a baby pool! they make them so much fun now! you can get slides, palm trees waterfall etc etc. So many choices but I like frogs so you got it we got the frog! She likes it too even tho it kinda looks like the frog is eating her! :O) :OP Yummy Baby! Can you believe they have to put the warning saying no diving! I find that totally hilarious! Anyhow we are going camping in a week and that will be a new experience for her. We are going to go see Mt. St. Helens also so we are very excited! I will take pics cuz I know you all will want to see! So while i am gone no blogs from me I hope I will be missed cuz I know how you all Live for my kind of silly! Hope a bear doesn't eat me! ttyl I hope! he he Love ya just in case! lol just kidding I don't think there are bears in that area :O)

Blog about one I better blog about the other!

Have you ever noticed the kids on my space pulling faces? Well I have and I think it is funny! And my daughter does it too! I don't get it really, do they think it makes them look better? Maybe it is some kind of disguise? I think Saturday Night Live made fun in a skit but I am not sure maybe it was Mad TV. Anyhow I think my daughter is a cutie without the faces! But if she wants to pull a face she can go right ahead and pull a face I just hope no one smacks her on the back cuz it might stay that way! hee hee Love ya Krissy Love Mom

This feels weird!

I forgot to tell some of you!

Devin Got braces finally! I think he is great and very patient all these years we have been telling him yes you are going to get them Finally we did it! This is a pic just before we went to get them on, he had two teeth on top extracted. In August he gets his bottom braces on! He will have to were them for 24 months! And thank god for insurance braces are expensive like 4500.00 - a bonus the orthodontist gave us 500.00 off our insurance pays like 15oo.oo so we end up paying 2500.00 Lots better than 4500.00! And for Devin's self esteem priceless!

Monday, July 14, 2008

Sometimes I worry!

Sometimes I worry, to much I think! I try not to, but something usually is triggering my worries like I watched a movie called Untraceable with Diane Lane. It was good suspense thriller about Internet crime. There were a few scenes that were a little too graphic or gross for my taste but I am not sure how they would dramatize the movie without them. What I really want to tell you is being a mom of teenagers and my toddler I look back at the way things were when I had my first two to now, how everything has changed and the world today is such a scary mean place! I want to raise my children to be kind compassionate people but to make it in this world they have to have a backbone and stand up for themselves so they don't get trampled! So I worry! And I worry more and more as they get closer to that age when they can go out on there own! I am sure I am not the only parent who worries about things like this, and I know some of it is totally normal, part of that empty nest thing! :O) I just thought I would share that with you all. They say when you talk about things it helps, so share back! ttyl :O)

Saturday, July 12, 2008

I Love My Coneflowers!

I Love my cone flowers! I have 3 different types and I want more! I have been working hard on my yard this year and I know it will get better every year! I have planted many things, lupines, foxglove, 4 o'clocks, bell flower, delphinium, snap dragon, irises, daffodils, peonies, and allisium but I Like my cone flowers best! Hope I am not boring the heck outta you! I just gotta share! Lots of Love

My Hubbie Bowls PBA style!

Some of you may know That David bowls in PBA tournaments at least one each month, sometimes more. Often he has to travel to them, that is where he is today. In Seattle at a PBA Tournament. I hope he does well today! It is complicated for me to explain how it works but the basics are any game score over 200 puts you in the positive, any score under 200 puts you in the negative adding and/or subtracting through 8 games. If your score after 8 games is high enough, depending on how well the other bowlers are doing you either make the cut or do not. If you make the cut you go on to match play where you are matched up with other bowlers who made the cut and if you win against them you move on and so on till you get down to the last two bowlers who then bowl each other to decide the winner. I know confusing, but if I can get it you can too! Also wanted to let you know David bowled 2 PERFECT games this last year and got a 300 game ring! Very Exciting for us! I hope he bowls good today, he really needs that boost. I am not a big fan of bowling but I am a Big Fan of Dave! Love You Honey I hope you are home late cuz that means you bowled really good!

Thursday, July 10, 2008

Mommies little helper

So, such an innocent cute face but what is she really capable of? one moment alone and she will unroll the whole roll of toilet paper, right after she put the remote control or the phone in the toilet! she is just helping I am sure she thinks :O) I Love my digital camera it helps me document this cuteness! I wish I had one when Devin and Krissy were little! They ask me why we have so many pics of Shea and I have to tell them film costs allot and then to develop it, so I couldn't go snap happy like I do now. One day I can show Shea these pics and she wont be able to denigh her naughty stage :O) Her face expression in this picture tells pretty well, she was telling me her little plan.

Wednesday, July 9, 2008


So my teenagers chewed me out cuz they saw my blog and they were not on it :O) So for you Devin & Krissy! Hope you like the picture I chose :O) If you don't , TUFF! It's my blog Ha Ha! I Love you Guys! You are my life! And I know I don't tell you that enough! And you really are amazing, wonderful, well behaved, most of the time :O) , And even when you are not letting that side show I know it's there, I see it! Keep telling me everything cuz I would be lost if you didn't! ILove you! Love Mom


Oh yeah! I know how you feel baby! Does the name Cinderella ring a bell? Work Work Work! The dirty face, the look of "will this work ever be done!" It is how I feel! Try to keep a house clean, you are chasing your tail around all day long and when you think you might be done, Guess What!? No you are not! Future blogs will explain this delimma I have later! Lots of Love
The Giffords

My Blog :O)

So here it is and I am Lovin it! I am a blogger! Who would have thought! I love my sisters blogs it is so fun to read what is on their minds! And the pictures they put up! Now I gotta get my teenagers blogging I think it is a good place to vent, journal etc. ttyl