Tuesday, September 23, 2008

The meanings of names...

I was looking over my feedjit and saw that someone was searching for the meaning of Shealeah and that made me want to make this post, just for fun. So here are the meanings of the names in my family according to the name books I have. :O) I also included how I came up with my kids names, who they are named after just in case you wanted to know :O)

David=(Hebrew)beloved. His middle name Michael(Hebrew) who is like god?(both books have the ? at the end.) I know his mom told me how she chose the names I forgot how she chose David but Michael is after his father.

Sharon= Me :O) named after my aunt Sharon meaning(Hebrew) a plain. In the other book it is desert plain :O( , a form of Sarah (from Sharai). Sarah(Hebrew) Princess ( I like this one) :O) Sharai (Hebrew) also means princess :O) My middle name Barbara(Latin) stranger,foreigner. after my mom. :O)

Devin=(Irish Gaelic)"poet." I wanted to name him a D name kinda after his dad without becoming a Jr. if you know what I mean. I almost got stuck on D names and my daughter was really close to being a Dana or Deanna :O) His middle name Jennings after his grandpa, is a tuff one more often a last name, a form of Jenkin(Flemish) little John. So I thought if it means little John then the meaning for John would be it, I don't know if that is correct but that is what I am going with, John(Hebrew) God is gracious.

Kristiana= A form of Christina spelt with a K for her aunt Kristina, I changed the ending up so her name wasn't exactly the same. Her name is kinda a two part name, Kristina form of Christine(Greek) "christian; anointed."-Ana form of Ann that is a English form of Hannah(Hebrew) "graceful." Her middle name is Leigh same as her aunt Cheryl. Leigh(old English)"from the meadow." a form of Leah; Lee.

Shealeah=This name is a two part name also and really not named for anyone but the Sh is for me :O) Shea(Irish Gaelic)"from the fairy fort." in one book and the other book (Irish) fairy palace. Leah(Hebrew)weary. or Lia(Greek)bringer of good news.(I like this one) or Lea(Hawaiian)mythology: the goddess of canoe makers.Also She does have a great aunt named Leah :O) Her middle name Elaine is her grandmas middle name meaning,(French) a form of Helen(Greek) light.

So I hope this was informative for anyone wondering what our names mean, I have two name books 55,000+ Baby Names by Bruce Lansky, & The Best Baby Name Book in the whole wide world (ok but that is the name :O) also by Bruce Lansky ( I didn't know they were by the same person until just now how funny!) So if you need me to look up a name meaning for you just let me know! TTYL

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