Wednesday, March 11, 2009

The wait was worth it!

So you know how when you go to the ER it is a very long wait. In the waiting room and then almost just as long when you get back to the room, it just seems like less cuz they are doing stuff to you. But this time the wait was so worth it! I got comforting news today! Here is the long story I will try to keep it short for ya! I have been having some female issues that of recent have become more bothersome, so I went to a doctors office that was a little low scale for my taste and it was taking forever to get results, a multiple step treatment of I had no idea yet! Sometimes I think they just wanna keep you coming back. Anyhow I was prescribed some hormone called provera it made me feel allot better for about two weeks. Then all my symptoms from before came back with a vengeance! So today I was getting ready for a doctors appt. when I got cramps so severe that I was doubled over and feeling like I was going to pass out! It was so bad I had to lay down and when I felt a little better I got up and got dressed but after being up again for just a few minutes I was feeling terrible again! So that was when Dave told me he wanted to take me to the ER. So we go and we hoped it wouldn't be to long a wait, ha ha 2 hours 30 minutes later we go into the back. It was busy! Lucky me I was not in as much pain as I had been or I would have been bawling! So once we got in the back they drew blood, gave me some really good stuff in my IV and told me I am gonna get an ultrasound.So I don't really know how much time passed after that cuz I had the good stuff in my IV :O) But got a really extensive ultrasound and back to the room to wait for the doc. He finally came and told me I have a fibroid and a cist and my doctor can take it from there, they prescribed me some of the same stuff and that's OK cuz it kinda made me feel good. I have to set up an appt with my new doc but it is the same doc as my daughter the one who delivered my grand baby, I think he is great! I will keep you updated on my female issues, Cuz I know you are all SO VERY INTERESTED IN HEARING THIS STUFF! Anyhow I was so glad to hear it was just normal female issues and not something bad! My blood is good and they say I am healthy besides the little issues I have! Yea! I don't know what the treatment is yet but I am relieved and knowing makes me feel great! So I will let you know more when I know more! Thanks for listening! Oh our ER total time from walking in the door till walking out was 4 and a half hours! But like I said so worth it cuz now I know! :O) TTYL

Monday, March 9, 2009

My blog kinda like a journal

Sometimes I use my blog like a journal. I don't know if many of you do this. sometimes I vent to my blog, I don't always post them maybe someday. ;O) I know I have 2 in the drafts that I was really upset about something or other and after I typed it all up I thought it best to keep to myself. But I felt a lot better. So let me know if you do the same thing cuz I feel kinda weird, but I am OK with that cuz I am kinda weird! TTYL :O)


Deserve, I wonder about this word. So I have a basic idea of what it means but the official definition and where it originated I do not know so here is what I found:



Pronunciation: (di-zûrv'), [key]
—v., -served, -serv•ing.

to merit, be qualified for, or have a claim to (reward, assistance, punishment, etc.) because of actions, qualities, or situation: to deserve exile; to deserve charity; a theory that deserves consideration.

to be worthy of, qualified for, or have a claim to reward, punishment, recompense, etc.: to reward him as he deserves; an idea deserving of study.

From the Merriam-Webster online

Pronunciation: \di-ˈzərv\
Function: verb
Inflected Form(s): de·served; de·serv·ing
Etymology: Middle English, from Anglo-French deservir, from Latin deservire to devote oneself to, from de- + servire to serve
Date: 13th century
transitive verb
: to be worthy of : merit
intransitive verb
: to be worthy, fit, or suitable for some reward or requital
— de·serv·er noun

You may be wondering why I am thinking of this word now, it was just a thought I had when a song about love came on. I just thought I would put it on here and share a little knowledge with you all. By the way the song was by Howard Jones "What is Love?" It is on my blog playlist I really like this song it just made me start thinking about some stuff. Here are the lyrics to that song just in case you couldn't catch em :

I love you whether or not you love me
I love you even if you think that I don't
Sometimes I find you doubt my love for you, but I don't mind
Why should I mind, why should I mind

What is love anyway, does anybody love anybody anyway
What is love anyway, does anybody love anybody anyway

Can anybody love anyone so much that they will never fear
Never worry never be sad
The answer is they cannot love this much nobody can
This is why I don't mind you doubting

And maybe love is letting people be just what they want to be
The door always must be left unlocked
To love when circumstance may lead someone away from you
And not to spend the time just doubting

I Love 80ies music TTYL :O)

Sleeptalking :O)

My sisters post and my comment I want to share with you:
Heathers original post:

Funny things that sleepy Daddy's say

The other night Madi was sitting at the counter eating her dinner but not eating her dinner. Brett and I were trying to talk her into eating her dinner and she was being her silly three year old self. Brett finally said to her, "Eat your dinner or I'm going to send you to bed without any sleep." Of course he meant to say without any dinner. Funny things always come out of your mouth when you're sleep deprived. We had a good little laugh about this one.

My comment to her:

Sharon writes for the Giffords blog said...

How about the funny things they say when they are asleep? One time Dave was napping on the couch and said to Devin "put that milk away." Devin said "what milk?" Dave still sleeping said "that milk on the stick!put it away!" we knew he was talking in his sleep we laughed at him! when he woke up we told him the story and he couldn't believe it. We still tease him about it and it is still funny to us! I flub up my word all the time people probably think I am braindead! :O) well maybe I am, a little! TTYL

In my list of favorite places to go on the web I forgot one of my favorite places! I Love it cuz you can get great fonts there but the main reason is almost all of the sayings they use to display the fonts are really funny! So check it out click on I think enter and font archive, maybe the other way, it is pretty easy you will be able to figure it out I know!


I am soooooooo ready for the weather to always be that warm sunshine, wanna be outside doing all that outside stuff! Spring hurry up and get here Already!!

Friday, March 6, 2009

Bullies! I Hate Bullies!

Today on facebook one of my friends, a fellow scrapbooker, mentioned how she had to go pick her daughter up from school early because of a bulling incident involving her daughter and another girl. I was totally surprised when I found out they are Kindergartners! I was thinking middle school or high school!Boy They are starting in young these days! She talked about how the school treated her and it made me mad! I felt they should have sent the bully home and had a talk with her parents! Nip it now so she doesn't get the idea she can get away with this type of behavior. It seems you only encounter The NO Tolerance rule when kids are messing around but when it becomes something serious they want to look the other way! I have had some unfortunate experience with this involving both of my older children. For Devin it started very young when his adult teeth came in they were very large for his small mouth and with the large teeth he also developed an overbite. So as I am sure you already guessed because kids are often not taught to not be cruel and mean they made fun of him so much it changed him from a happy smiling boy to one who became sad and kept his lips stretched over his teeth even when he did smile. He did little in response to most of the teasing until he reached middle school and I guess he had enough he started responding back fighting back and we tried to council him to try to ignore it but he really had enough and can you blame him!
Krissy had more of the preteen girl drama, jealousy etc etc. We told her to ignore the nasty girls who always had something to say, never nice things.Even now in High school she still has sniping little wanksters that think they can say what they want and you are not allowed to respond cuz if you do they threaten you! It is totally insane! Do their parents know how they behave, and if they do do they care do they think its wrong?! Do they try to correct the behavior? This is what is bothering me so much parents are so focused on themselves they are not raising their children with any values like kindness, love, courtesy, respect for others feelings, I guess those type of values are considered weak and unimportant! It just really makes me sick to my stomach and people wonder what is wrong in the world today, I say worry about tomorrow cuz things are just getting worse and worse!Scary! My last little thought I am gonna leave you with cuz I feel I have ranted enough on this subject for now is, maybe homeschooling is the option I am gonna take to protect my youngest from all this nastiness! I will have to talk more on this later right now I am just to fired up about it! TTYL

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

New Pictures Of Elaina Michelle February 2009

Taken By her other Grandma Jen. She takes really good pics with her new High tech camera! It is nice that she can do this and she shares all the great pics with us! Thank you Jen!

I Hate Chain Letters!

I hate those stupid forwarded chain letters! But every time I get one, because I am superstitious I forward them on! But this time I sent it with a warning in the subject box! Ha Ha Ha! I just wish there was a law against chain letters cuz they kinda are threatening you and your family if you don't send it on and that is just bad! Shame on the person who started this awful cycle! That's my vent for today who knows I may have another one soon cuz I am in that kinda mood! TTYL :O) ♥