Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Blog about one I better blog about the other!

Have you ever noticed the kids on my space pulling faces? Well I have and I think it is funny! And my daughter does it too! I don't get it really, do they think it makes them look better? Maybe it is some kind of disguise? I think Saturday Night Live made fun in a skit but I am not sure maybe it was Mad TV. Anyhow I think my daughter is a cutie without the faces! But if she wants to pull a face she can go right ahead and pull a face I just hope no one smacks her on the back cuz it might stay that way! hee hee Love ya Krissy Love Mom


Barnes Family said...

I don't get it either but I think that every photo I've seen of Kristianna she has that silly face. Kids these days.. Ha ha ha! It's funny to say that like I'm old or something.. Oh wait.. I kind of am getting old.. Boo hoo!

bethysmiles said...

Heather is so funny..lol! I am getting old, everyone is getting old, it's just one of those...URGH, THINGS! I think Krissy is absolutely gorgeous, she has definately got the teenage attitude eh?! LOVE YA