Monday, July 14, 2008

Sometimes I worry!

Sometimes I worry, to much I think! I try not to, but something usually is triggering my worries like I watched a movie called Untraceable with Diane Lane. It was good suspense thriller about Internet crime. There were a few scenes that were a little too graphic or gross for my taste but I am not sure how they would dramatize the movie without them. What I really want to tell you is being a mom of teenagers and my toddler I look back at the way things were when I had my first two to now, how everything has changed and the world today is such a scary mean place! I want to raise my children to be kind compassionate people but to make it in this world they have to have a backbone and stand up for themselves so they don't get trampled! So I worry! And I worry more and more as they get closer to that age when they can go out on there own! I am sure I am not the only parent who worries about things like this, and I know some of it is totally normal, part of that empty nest thing! :O) I just thought I would share that with you all. They say when you talk about things it helps, so share back! ttyl :O)


Barnes Family said...

Oh I know don't even get me started.. It's such a scary world. I just keep my girls close and I know that if I teach them right from wrong and give them love and support they will be great people.
You have great kids you've done a wonderful job!
Love ya!

bethysmiles said...

HIYA! I think that your kids are definately stand on their kinda kids, they're gonna do great in life. I would love to meet my niece that I have only seen pictures of, if we get to Cali after here *cross your fingers* then we'll have to meet sometime dangit! LOVE YOU