Saturday, July 12, 2008

My Hubbie Bowls PBA style!

Some of you may know That David bowls in PBA tournaments at least one each month, sometimes more. Often he has to travel to them, that is where he is today. In Seattle at a PBA Tournament. I hope he does well today! It is complicated for me to explain how it works but the basics are any game score over 200 puts you in the positive, any score under 200 puts you in the negative adding and/or subtracting through 8 games. If your score after 8 games is high enough, depending on how well the other bowlers are doing you either make the cut or do not. If you make the cut you go on to match play where you are matched up with other bowlers who made the cut and if you win against them you move on and so on till you get down to the last two bowlers who then bowl each other to decide the winner. I know confusing, but if I can get it you can too! Also wanted to let you know David bowled 2 PERFECT games this last year and got a 300 game ring! Very Exciting for us! I hope he bowls good today, he really needs that boost. I am not a big fan of bowling but I am a Big Fan of Dave! Love You Honey I hope you are home late cuz that means you bowled really good!

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Barnes Family said...

Ok so pretend you can hear Darth Vader speaking. "Impressive."
Ha ha!! I'm so silly.. I'm glad that David gets to do something fun that he enjoys. And what a good wife you are to let him.. I'm just kidding about the you letting him part..
Love ya!