Saturday, July 26, 2008

Our camping trip

How beautiful and relaxing it was! We did not want to come home cuz it came to soon! There are a few things about being home that are nice, free warm showers, private clean toilets, comfy bed that doesn't go flat but other than that I would want to stay forever so I guess it is good for those things or I would never want to come home!

We camped at Ike Kinswa Washington state park. Near Mt. Rainier and Mt.St. Helens. We were there for 5 FUN days! We went out on the lake in the boat and fished and rode on the tube! That water was 64 degrees! Brrrrrrr! We had campfire going almost the whole time! I Love the campfire! We had smores of course! There were so many pretty wildflowers trees and green ferns. The air was so clear and fresh we could see so many stars at night!

We took a little drive to go see Mt.St. Helens but there was a rock slide on the road on the way up so we could only look from a distance. Bummer! But it was so much fun that was only a small part. It does get pretty chilly there at night glad I brought my jacket and warm blankets!

Shealeah Loved it we worried at first that she would be fussy and hate it but she did really really well! We want to do this every year! And it only takes us 4 hours to get there! I had to share this with you hope you all like it! love ya


Barnes Family said...

OH FUN!! It looks so pretty there! I want to go where it's pretty it's so ugly here. I guess it's pretty if you think cactus' are pretty.. Pokey! Ouch! I like soft pretty smelling things.
The picture of you and "Nana" (sorry I had to) in the hammock is so cute!

bethysmiles said...

Hey, it looks so beautiful there! I love that last picture of Dave, like he's cool! I think that picture of you and Krissy is awesome too...hehe! I wish that all of us could get together and go camping, that would be soooo much freakin' fun! I LOVE YOU GUYS! Miss my family so much! Love you :O)

bethysmiles said...

I forgot, I got that bruise from playing softball and catching the ball wrong, nice eh! LUVS

Barnes Family said...

Hey! I gave you an award! Come to my blog to see what I'm talking about! Love ya!