Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Summer fun!

So we went and got a baby pool! they make them so much fun now! you can get slides, palm trees waterfall etc etc. So many choices but I like frogs so you got it we got the frog! She likes it too even tho it kinda looks like the frog is eating her! :O) :OP Yummy Baby! Can you believe they have to put the warning saying no diving! I find that totally hilarious! Anyhow we are going camping in a week and that will be a new experience for her. We are going to go see Mt. St. Helens also so we are very excited! I will take pics cuz I know you all will want to see! So while i am gone no blogs from me I hope I will be missed cuz I know how you all Live for my kind of silly! Hope a bear doesn't eat me! ttyl I hope! he he Love ya just in case! lol just kidding I don't think there are bears in that area :O)


Barnes Family said...

OH how cute!! It does kind of look like it's going to eat her.. How fun!
Hey they have a really cute froggie background on www.thecutestblogontheblock.com and I thought of you when I saw it.. Better go check it out!
Love the photos! Have fun camping!

Barnes Family said...


Barnes Family said...

Hey! Tiffany has a blog now too it's http://alanandtiffanyfloyd.blogspot.com/ My plan is working!! he he he!!
Just kidding!
Love ya!