Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Dieting :O)

Some of you know what I am talking about when I say it is really work to diet! When I was young I really didn't need to work hard to be healthy or maintain a weight that suited my 5'4" frame. Now it is a entirely different story! When I got pregnant with my first son I was around 125 lbs. I didn't watch what I ate and I gained at least 5o lbs. Then when my son was only 3 months old I found out I was pregnant again, with my daughter. They are very close together and I didn't really have any time to loose any weight. While pregnant with her I gained another 40 lbs at least. Right after I had her I got a birth control called Norplant, it is five silicone tubes full of some sort of birth control hormone that they insert in your arm right under the skin, it is supposed to last for 5 years and you can have it removed or leave it in. I chose to leave it in because at that time it was to expensive to remove. I know that I hated it and I had heard different things about it of course I heard all the bad things about it after it was in my arm. One of the things I heard was that sometimes it makes it harder to loose weight. I am not blaming the Norplant just saying it might have contributed to my difficulty in loosing weight. But back to what I was telling you. I was now 60 lbs or better heavier than I should be! So years went by and whatever I did I really couldn't make much of a dent in my weight. In 2005 i finally had the Norplant removed. Remember that the thing was only supposed to work for 5 years well that was the only birth control I was ever on and I didn't get pregnant so I figured something must be wrong with me just couldn't get myself to the doctor just then. I was just happy to have the thing out and the company paid for it to be removed so it was a good deal for me. I think they still do that if you are like me go to their website! Sorry i am rambling but I want to explain to you. So I started doing my diet thing I did pills and other diet type stuff and I was starting to loose some weight not allot but some. And then I found out I was pregnant! I was overjoyed I thought for so long I wouldn't have anymore children, so now I have 3! Two teenagers and a toddler! Let me tell you it is fun! But with her came more weight! So now I need to loose the weight I had lost and more, kinda depressing, but I am determined! Not just for how I look but for my health, I want to be here still when my youngest is a teenager and longer hopefully! So if any of you have pointers for me let me hear them! I was on the soup diet before and lost more than 10 lbs in seven days! So I am gonna try that one again because it made me feel great and it will cleanse my system. Hope you don't mind my Sharing this with you cuz you know me I just gotta! Love ya all! Love Sharon :O)

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bethysmiles said...

YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL! Just the way you are...of course everyone feels there is more that they want from themselves and they want to be perfect like they were when they were young and they wanna look like those friggin' Victoria Secret models...URGH! *SIGH* at least that is how I feel. I am trying more and more to accept my body the way that it is, but you know what, I keep on gaining weight, it's so much friggin' easier to do than lose...ERKS ME HARD CORE! LOVE YOU