Wednesday, March 11, 2009

The wait was worth it!

So you know how when you go to the ER it is a very long wait. In the waiting room and then almost just as long when you get back to the room, it just seems like less cuz they are doing stuff to you. But this time the wait was so worth it! I got comforting news today! Here is the long story I will try to keep it short for ya! I have been having some female issues that of recent have become more bothersome, so I went to a doctors office that was a little low scale for my taste and it was taking forever to get results, a multiple step treatment of I had no idea yet! Sometimes I think they just wanna keep you coming back. Anyhow I was prescribed some hormone called provera it made me feel allot better for about two weeks. Then all my symptoms from before came back with a vengeance! So today I was getting ready for a doctors appt. when I got cramps so severe that I was doubled over and feeling like I was going to pass out! It was so bad I had to lay down and when I felt a little better I got up and got dressed but after being up again for just a few minutes I was feeling terrible again! So that was when Dave told me he wanted to take me to the ER. So we go and we hoped it wouldn't be to long a wait, ha ha 2 hours 30 minutes later we go into the back. It was busy! Lucky me I was not in as much pain as I had been or I would have been bawling! So once we got in the back they drew blood, gave me some really good stuff in my IV and told me I am gonna get an ultrasound.So I don't really know how much time passed after that cuz I had the good stuff in my IV :O) But got a really extensive ultrasound and back to the room to wait for the doc. He finally came and told me I have a fibroid and a cist and my doctor can take it from there, they prescribed me some of the same stuff and that's OK cuz it kinda made me feel good. I have to set up an appt with my new doc but it is the same doc as my daughter the one who delivered my grand baby, I think he is great! I will keep you updated on my female issues, Cuz I know you are all SO VERY INTERESTED IN HEARING THIS STUFF! Anyhow I was so glad to hear it was just normal female issues and not something bad! My blood is good and they say I am healthy besides the little issues I have! Yea! I don't know what the treatment is yet but I am relieved and knowing makes me feel great! So I will let you know more when I know more! Thanks for listening! Oh our ER total time from walking in the door till walking out was 4 and a half hours! But like I said so worth it cuz now I know! :O) TTYL

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