Friday, March 6, 2009

Bullies! I Hate Bullies!

Today on facebook one of my friends, a fellow scrapbooker, mentioned how she had to go pick her daughter up from school early because of a bulling incident involving her daughter and another girl. I was totally surprised when I found out they are Kindergartners! I was thinking middle school or high school!Boy They are starting in young these days! She talked about how the school treated her and it made me mad! I felt they should have sent the bully home and had a talk with her parents! Nip it now so she doesn't get the idea she can get away with this type of behavior. It seems you only encounter The NO Tolerance rule when kids are messing around but when it becomes something serious they want to look the other way! I have had some unfortunate experience with this involving both of my older children. For Devin it started very young when his adult teeth came in they were very large for his small mouth and with the large teeth he also developed an overbite. So as I am sure you already guessed because kids are often not taught to not be cruel and mean they made fun of him so much it changed him from a happy smiling boy to one who became sad and kept his lips stretched over his teeth even when he did smile. He did little in response to most of the teasing until he reached middle school and I guess he had enough he started responding back fighting back and we tried to council him to try to ignore it but he really had enough and can you blame him!
Krissy had more of the preteen girl drama, jealousy etc etc. We told her to ignore the nasty girls who always had something to say, never nice things.Even now in High school she still has sniping little wanksters that think they can say what they want and you are not allowed to respond cuz if you do they threaten you! It is totally insane! Do their parents know how they behave, and if they do do they care do they think its wrong?! Do they try to correct the behavior? This is what is bothering me so much parents are so focused on themselves they are not raising their children with any values like kindness, love, courtesy, respect for others feelings, I guess those type of values are considered weak and unimportant! It just really makes me sick to my stomach and people wonder what is wrong in the world today, I say worry about tomorrow cuz things are just getting worse and worse!Scary! My last little thought I am gonna leave you with cuz I feel I have ranted enough on this subject for now is, maybe homeschooling is the option I am gonna take to protect my youngest from all this nastiness! I will have to talk more on this later right now I am just to fired up about it! TTYL

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