Monday, March 9, 2009

Sleeptalking :O)

My sisters post and my comment I want to share with you:
Heathers original post:

Funny things that sleepy Daddy's say

The other night Madi was sitting at the counter eating her dinner but not eating her dinner. Brett and I were trying to talk her into eating her dinner and she was being her silly three year old self. Brett finally said to her, "Eat your dinner or I'm going to send you to bed without any sleep." Of course he meant to say without any dinner. Funny things always come out of your mouth when you're sleep deprived. We had a good little laugh about this one.

My comment to her:

Sharon writes for the Giffords blog said...

How about the funny things they say when they are asleep? One time Dave was napping on the couch and said to Devin "put that milk away." Devin said "what milk?" Dave still sleeping said "that milk on the stick!put it away!" we knew he was talking in his sleep we laughed at him! when he woke up we told him the story and he couldn't believe it. We still tease him about it and it is still funny to us! I flub up my word all the time people probably think I am braindead! :O) well maybe I am, a little! TTYL

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