Thursday, April 14, 2011

Did I Ever Tell You I Love Roses?

Did I ever tell you I Love roses? Well I do! I have been searching for the right cut file to make my own to use in my crafts and on scrapbook layouts. I found so many tutorials but never the cut file, until today! I should have went searching here first! You know one of those duh moments! ;) You will never guess, well maybe you will cuz your smart! Penny Duncan Creations, yup she has the best stuff! I Love her blog! I also added her link in my sidebar, don't ask me why it wasn't there before! I was sure it was, silly me! So I downloaded the cut file and watched the tutorial and here is a pic of my first attempt, Pretty fantastic if I do say so myself! I am very happy with this! I am going to be popping flowers out like a machine, probably till my fingers fall off! Hopefully that will never ever happen lol knock on wood! ;) So if you love roses like I do, pop on over to Penny's blog!

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