Saturday, March 26, 2011

I remade This!

I have been really bad about posting and sharing on my blog and I hope to do better this year! No promises tho :) I will try. So After all this time I feel I have finally done something worth sharing. I will tell you now it is not perfect but it works and I am very happy with it! I bought a nightlight for 5 dollars at a second hand store that was in need of repair. I am not sure what to call it, it has many names, harmony lantern, shadow lantern, spinning nightlight, magic Lantern... I could go on and on sorry. Anyhow I traced the top that was torn, scanned it into my computer, fixed it in paint, traced it with SCAL ♥ and cut it on my Cricut :) I cut it from textured cardstock out of a paper pack from Colorbok at 9.25 (keep proportions). Then from a 12 by 12 size sheet of acetate cut it at 4.75 you will need 2 but then trim each to 7.5 because you only need it to be 15 inches by 4.75 inches. When I find a bigger sheet of acetate I wont need to trim and piece together :) Then on my Cricut :) and using SCAL ♥ I picked out shapes I wanted to use and cut them from vinyl and randomly placed on the acetate. then I inked all over the acetate with my Ranger Adirondack Alcohol Inks :) I then removed the vinyl stickers. I think I may have used to many but I still really like it. It is really bright tho :) This part is kinda hard to describe but there are little notches on the top spinning mechanism that you line up the point of the sections with making sure the bottom edge is flat or even. Continue all the way around to form a circular fan type thingy, I wish I had a better word for it sorry :) I used a double sided tape, sorry can't remember the brand name. Then with the double sided tape again I wrapped the inked acetate around it making sure it was even and trimmed a little bit off the acetate, then put the edges together with the tape. The fan sits down in about 3 quarters of an inch, hopefully the pictures will explain better. I had the frame and the tiny little piece that helps it spin easily. So I am still trying to find out how I am going to make more with different pieces and a homemade frame. Wish me Luck! :)

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