Friday, May 1, 2009


That's how my teenagers make me feel sometimes! Unappreciated! Gosh I thought I did so much and I guess that's not enough still! So I am gonna do it I am gonna put the MOM curse on them! You know the one where the mom says "Someday you will have a child just like you or worse!" I am gonna do it, There is almost nothing that will stop me now cuz they have pushed me to it! I am kidding a little! I wouldn't curse my kids, I think...? :O) Another vent! You know! Remember when we were teens we were not this bad, were we? We survived all the stuff that has been discovered to be dangerous and we are good people with character!Anyhow Thats my vent! They have it easy! Little bratz! :O) I still love em tho! TTYL

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