Monday, May 4, 2009

How Things can change in the blink of an eye!

Devin was driving with some Friends coming back from a fun day at an amusement park. A deer jumped in front of him and he slammed on the breaks missing the first stupid deer but swerving away from the one that he knew he could not avoid, he hit it trying not to hit it head on. These are pictures of his Friends car after. Devin was devastated this is his first accident, we explained to him that he handled it very well, it could have been worse. He feels bad that it was someone Else's car, it could have happened in any car to anyone. I am glad that the car owner is not angry that would have made things worse. They are very nice and wanted to reassure Devin that this is one of those things that just happen. They got him back in the drivers seat to take them home. I am glad for this because I know if you don't get back in the saddle you may develop a fear that can cripple you and make you more afraid. I am so glad everyone was safe and not harmed. To bad for the deer, but maybe it was the deers time to go, just wish it would have chosen another method! :O) Deers are stupid that's why we eat them! I stole that line from one of the passengers in the car. :O) But this all made me think of how quickly things can change, In the blink of an eye! I am so glad tho that everything is gonna be OK! TTYL :O)

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Barnes Family said...

YIKES!! That's scary! Remember when Beth and Richard were driving somewhere up by red fleet in the volkswagen rabbit and they hit a deer? It just about went through the windshield. So scary!
Devin did a great job especially since nobody was harmed..