Friday, April 24, 2009


I have always been mystified by dreams. Mine of course, and when I hear about other peoples, when they share theirs with me, I am just as mystified! My hubby had a weird and I think funny dream, not to long ago. I will tell you now I think it came from that Little place we have inside of us, that little place were our insecurities hide! So his dream was pretty much me leaving him for another man or just leaving him. I am not completely sure on that detail, but anyhow, in his dream I was at this mans house and he went to get me back. The part I think is funny is that it was his Uncles house, that is funny to me and it is really weird! Your mind just pulls all kinds of weird stuff outta no where, you know what I mean! Dreams are really amazing they can wake you up heart pounding and you don't always remember what it was you were dreaming of! Twilight came from a dream and I am so glad Stephenie Meyers remembered it! I have wondered if she was pregnant at the time cuz I had some very amazing vivid dreams when I was pregnant! Something else funny I had a bit of deja vu when I saw Twilight and again when I read the book, that was weird! I feel sometimes like a familiarity with Stephenie, like I understand exactly what she means, weird I know! Another weird thing is sometimes I feel like I have premonitions. It is another story I will have to tell you sometime, the one I remember the most is the one I had September 10th I will never forget that restless night! I am just blogging to blog I guess! Silly me ! TTYL :O)

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