Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Things That Really Bug Me!

I think I am going to vent to you all! It may become a blog I add to very often! Lol!I am going to call it: Things that Really Bug Me! With a cute little picture of my Bug!

My beef right now is phone etiquette, My sis Heather had of weird phone call and she blogged about it and I wanted to share that with you along with some of my own thoughts on the subject. Her post:

Sunday, November 16, 2008

The phone rings and I answer,
"Who's this!" The voice on the other end of the phone says rudely.
I pause and say, "This is Heather."
CLICK!!!! The rude guy on the other end of the phone hangs up.. Umm.. Where are people's manners?
Sorry that just happened and I was kind of stunned and had to tell someone about it. How weird.

Posted by Barnes Family at 11:10 AM

I commented this to her:

Yes very rude! I like to say to people who call my phone number and ask me who I am, "Hello! you called me you big Dummy!" Love caller ID cuz you can call em back and be rude back to them! I know that is not the best way to teach stupid people manners, but it makes me giggle! :O) Love ya Heather!

I remembered this today because the phone seems to be ringing allot more lately and it is getting on my nerves! Telemarketers I know you are people too, but your job sucks! I will try not to be rude but a hate being solicited over the phone for anything, exspecially for things I never would ask for, Ever! Caller ID and my answering machine are my best Friends when it comes to this. I had a message for a while stating I don't answer those type of calls hoping they would get the message and stop calling me! Yea Right don't I wish! Anyhow I felt like telling you all this feel free to vent to me your experiences! TTYL :O)

Here is more I needed to say yesterday about the phone etiquette issue. So when they call they need to say who they are and what they are calling about right away not start out by asking questions! That is so rude! If they get an answering machine they need to say who they are calling for, who they are, why they are calling and a way to call them back. Is it really that hard?! Geez! OK I will drop the phone thing for now until it irritates me again! :O) TTYL

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Barnes Family said...

So I got so tired of the telemarketers calling I turned the ringers off. Now if we happen to be watching tv when someone calls it pops up on the screen and if it's someone we want to talk to we answer it. It's so lovely not to have to listen to the phone ringing off the hook. Who gave my phone number to these annoying people anyway.
I hear ya though it's very annoying!
Love ya! Merry Christmas!