Saturday, December 13, 2008

Still waiting...

Still waiting on my snow! The pictures are of last winter, no snow yet this winter! :O( Seems like everywhere there is snow, except for here! I am hoping for a white Christmas cuz this place is soooo brown and if it can't be green Please! Please! let it be White and glittery! I know I am silly! I just really really Love snow and If it doesn't snow soon David will doubt my powers and we can not have that!( Referring to earlier blogs about my supposed powers over the weather) So say a prayer for me to get some snow Please! Doesn't have to be allot just enough to stick through Christmas! :O) TTyl

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Barnes Family said...

Sharon you're so funny! You never would like it in Arizona. All it is is brown. Brown houses, brown landscaping, brown mountains, a lot of brown dirt. It's ugly there and where you are is really pretty.
I'll say a little prayer that you'll get some snow. We might be getting more later today..
Love ya!