Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Where did everyone go?

So my sisters where are you? I know you all are busy with all that life throws at ya but you got me blogging and so you gotta keep on blogging! Yes I am up late couldn't sleep hopefully soon! Weird month of October, I love Halloween but there is something else about it I haven't figured out what it is yet but I get more restless as it goes on. My next post will have some fun Halloween decoration pics for ya! Hope to talk to you all soon! Love ya!

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Barnes Family said...

Hey Sis!! Sorry! I've been so caught up in getting this house put together that I'm so behind on reading blogs it's not even funny.. I need to make a better effort because I'm so glad that you write on your blog it's almost like I'm there with you.
I love you very much! Keep on blogging! Talk to you soon!