Wednesday, October 15, 2008

2007 Halloween decorations

Halloween decorations from 2007 I will put up 2008 pics as soon as we are done. 2007 was our first year here and so it wasn't great. We had fun and allot of ideas that we could not get together in time hopefully this year! Also we have been told that this used to be the Best Halloween house in the neighborhood so we have allot to live up to I just wish I knew what they did that was so great! Happy Halloween see you soon!


bethysmiles said...

Hey, those are great decorations, very awesome! I love Halloween...RJ would go all out like that if he could, I am not creative like that, so he would have to do everything. Love You

Barnes Family said...

How scary!!! Nice decorations! We just have pumpkins on our porch and a fall door hanging... Kind of boring but I have an excuse because of the move.
Great job Sharon McLarin!