Saturday, August 9, 2008

1976 Moms yellow pictures

Here are some school pictures from 1976 Cheryl, David , John, Sharon and Boyd Fairey. Heather must have been a baby but I don't have that picture. I bet it is a cute one and heather probably has it! Stinker! Heather you will know it because you are probably wearing yellow and it was taken in 1976. What a cute bunch don't you think?!


Barnes Family said...

How cute! You know I've seen all of those pictures but I've never put it together that Mom had a theme.. How cute! I'll see if I have one. I don't think I do though.
Cute post!
Do you have photo's of Mom and Dad when they were young?

Barnes Family said...

Hey! Did you notice anything missing in the family photo that I posted? Look really close especially in the area of your shirt.. Hint Hint!