Thursday, December 15, 2011


I know I have been a very Very bad blogger! I am Sorry... no one reads this anyways right? :) If you are reading this I thank you for your patience with me the worlds worst blog writer! My last post was at the beginning of summer and we are 10 days away from Christmas! Where did this year go!? I will try to do some posts on both of my blogs some crafty ones on my craft blog and some family and life ones here. this post is just to let you know I am not dead lol I have the best intentions of posting for the few Awesome people who are willing to read my crazy ramblings! Love You Merry Christmas! & Happy New Year! or Happy Holidays whatever suits you! :) Talk to you again soon!

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Tami B. said...

Welcome back...see someone is watching (or in this case, reading) besides Santa.