Friday, April 29, 2011

My Hair Cut :)

In February I decided that it was time to cut my hair. Nothing special I had just been busy and always put it up in a clip. It was becoming to much to deal with. This is a pic of my hair before my haircut, the reason I took a pic was because my hair had never in my life been this long! When I sat in the chair and the Beautician asked me what we were doing to my hair I told her I wanted several inches cut off, to just above my shoulders. She started combing out my hair and then she measured it, and then put the ruler away. I asked her why she measured my hair and she told me when it looks like they are cutting off atleast 8 inches of hair they ask if they want to donate their hair to Locks of Love. She told me that I was not having enough cut off to do that and so she didn't ask me if I wanted to. I wanted to! How often do you think I would let my hair get this long?! I asked her how close were we so she go the ruler out and said we needed maybe 2 more inches but my hair would be really short! I said like boy haircut short? Or A line short? She said A line short (it is a name for a haircut style). I said lets do it! So she puled my hair into a pony tail and cut it off! :D I got a little teary cuz I was thinking how great this is! My hair for a wig for a cancer patient made me happy! Devin (my 19 year old son) was sitting in the waiting area not paying attention when I told him to come take a pic his face expression was classic! Very funny! So he took the picture you see above. I got another surprize my haircut was free because I was donating my hair, Can't make my day much better! I was very pleased about what happened that day! This happened in february but i still wanted to post it on my blog. :) TTYL LML ♥

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Tami B. said...

I did the same thing a few years ago. Your end results came out better than mine, but it did feel good to help someone.