Thursday, May 20, 2010

This Is It!... The yard Post I Promised LOL

So This is the yard, If I do the pictures right you will see what it looked like then & what it looks like now after all our hard work! :o) When we moved in the center of the yard was a huge jellybean shaped mound of that red lava rock, around that was uneven lawn with some plants scattered here and there. A dead tree stump surrounded by rocks,cemented together! A white picket fence that had seen better days, with an arbor and gate with Clematis growing out of control on it! By the front door was a small tree that grew little cherry/apples on it, Very Messy, it was to close to the house and the bees always scared us going in the door! :o) & the walkway was to narrow.
So If I remember correctly I didn't get very much done on it the first year we lived here. I might have got some of the lava rock removed and some of the other rocks moved. I think I made the walkway wider but other than that I really don't think I got much done. You will notice I put in some Halloween pics they also show a small transformation over time.
The second spring/summer I finally got all the lava rock and other rock removed! That was a TON of Lava rock! We dug out the stump,that was fun! I moved some flowers around & planted some new ones. Cut that tree by the front door down, there is a short story in that & I promise I will tell later! I made the walkway by the door much wider. I put in a fun curved walkway across the yard to the gate, yep the old fence is still here at this point! The back fence got blown over by the wind and so we had to put it back up and we decided to move the side gate back by the Wisteria so it could climb on the arbor we built over the gate & it started growing and blooming like crazy after that!
So the next year we took down the old white picket fence but I really wasn't feeling well that year and really didn't do much in the yard so it got weed infested and really started looking bad! Some of the pictures are a little out of order but I am sure you get the idea!
So this year when we started to get out there we knew that it was time to do what Devin had been telling us all along! Start from scratch! Till it all up and redo it! So we did! As you can see in the pictures we tore it all up and put it back together with a sprinkler system Devin did very well on! We are very satisfied with our almost finished yard. It was a family project we all worked very hard on together! It was Great! I still am working on the walkway and I want a new porch so my entrance isn't finished but I will hopefully get that all done this year and then we will work on the back, but that really isn't to bad right now. I want a swing & a swing set for the girls! :o) Shea wants a "jump" translation=trampoline but we will have to think about that I worry about safety! I hope you enjoyed reading my novel about my yard! LoL I will probably write more about my yard when I feel it is done, when that will be I can not say LoL! TTYL :o)

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