Wednesday, June 10, 2009

My little Demolitionist!

I don't know if that is an actual name for a person who demolishes things but that is what I am calling her now! I am not sure why she is doing the things she keeps doing maybe she gets bored when I am busy doing other things, like cleaning up her previous mess! The other night she got into her big sisters strawberry body lotion and smeared it on the kitchen floor. can you guess what happened... I will just tell you! I slipped in it, landed on my well cushioned behind! Hard! I am fine, but what a nice surprise the sweet smell and slippery coating all over my butt! lol Gotta keep laughing! I am gonna share some pictures that tell the whole story! Not the lotion story but other recent demolition events! Enjoy! :o) TTYL

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Barnes Family said...

Yikes! Is that purple paint?! How the heck did she get the can open. You gotta love the things they find out they can do and the fun clean up after wards.
I wish we were going to be in Utah when you guys go there. We haven't seen you in forever and ever. Love ya!