Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Shealeah in the yard

Here are some pictures we went out and took today. The flowers I planted last year are doing well I need to plant more as you can see I have some space to deal with! The flower in the pic by itself and the one Shea is touching is very pretty but deadly, I did not know this until my mother in law told me. So I watch Shea very closely whenever she gets near it to make sure she does not try to eat it! She hasn't tried to eat any plants lately but I am still going to be very watchful! Enjoy the pics! TTYL :O)

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Barnes Family said...

So pretty! Don't you just love the spring time when all the flowers bloom? Shea looks very cute in her summer outfit.
In Arizona we had oleander plants and I was worried about the kids eating them. It was so darn hot there that we were rarely in the backyard so no worries..