Wednesday, December 17, 2008

I Never saw one until today!

Today I went outside to watch snow falling and on my sleeve landed a perfect snow flake! I have seen allot of snow and snow flakes but never with the perfect snowflake detail this one had just like all the pictures that you see. I didn't believe that they ever really looked like that! I wish I could have gotten a picture of it! Now I am a believer! I got so excited I had to yell for Krissy and Dave to come see it! Krissy never had seen one like it either. It improved my mood, so funny how such a small thing could. It lasted for a few minutes and when it was almost gone I licked it off! :O) I don't know why I just wanted it, to know what it tasted like and so it could be with me forever! I will never forget my perfect snowflake! Merry Christmas Everyone! I Love and miss you all! love Sharon talk to you again soon!


Mizz Man'e said...

Isn't the snow lovely. I'm sorry I didn't realize you'd read my posts. I just found them this morning. I hope you don't think I'm ignoring you. Ya know I love ya :)

Barnes Family said...

Sharon you are so cute! You licked it off.. Silly willy!
Merry Christmas to you too! I loved your card it was so cute.