Sunday, November 9, 2008

Here is Shea in her witch costume and in her fairy costume. She is almost 2 and I think we have got a little taste of the terrible two stage already! She was watching her cartoons when I was trying to get these pics so she told me I was in her way! I will put some of the others on my Halloween blog Geez! Thanksgiving is right around the corner! I have 11 b-days to worry about through this month and into December! Aaagh! I am gonna try really hard not to loose my mind! ttyl


Barnes Family said...

CUTE!! So is the little fairy costume just for fun? She made a cute little witch with her white blonde hair.
She looks like she was getting a little mad at you in a few of the shots. I feel your pain sista!
I got the best idea from a friend. She goes to Walmart after Halloween and gets the marked down costumes for dress up.. Awesome! I did it this year. Madi loves LOVES to dress up.

Barnes Family said...

Oh!! I'll send you that photo but it isn't the best. Somebody wasn't really in the mood to take pictures so I didn't get one with us all looking normal.. It's kind of hard anyway when I have to set the timer and then run for my life. Anyway! Thanks for the nice comments about my photo's! I try really hard.