Friday, August 1, 2008

I feel better today!

Maybe I just needed to vent and needed some me time, whatever it was my sisters rallied to my rescue and when they did it made me feel Loved! and I do have them to talk to so I am not alone at all, thank you Internet! I don't like being sad and because I know how it feels I hate for anyone to be sad but sometimes you just don't know or can't tell they are sad cuz they conceal their feelings so well. Sometimes there are things going on in their lives that they feel they can't talk about just now. So they struggle on alone with these things, I have learned that to share your troubles often helps. So I will share more of what life gives me and hopefully it will help others and not just me. :O) I Love my sisters and I miss them Terribly! We need to plan a sisters retreat, weekend whatever ya wanna call it! course mom can come too! SOON! Love ya all Love Sharon :O)


Barnes Family said...

That would be so fun! But where would we do it?
I love you too Sharon! I know we all have different stresses in our lives and it's nice to be able to talk to someone. It's amazing how much better I feel after I've talked things out. Well, I guess that's not always true but for the most part!
Love ya!

Barnes Family said...

Oh! I meant to comment on your photo too..
Are you trying to be like Krissy? Funny Girl!

bethysmiles said...

HAHA! I saw that picture but it was only a quick glimpse I was showing my friend all of my family...hehe! I am so happy sharon is back on the giddy wagon...just not the same without ya! tee hee